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    Yoga and Breathing Questions and Answers


    How did you become interested in breath work and yoga?

    I discovered this breathing technique after a serious car wreck when my body was crushed severely and the prognosis was that I was lucky to be alive and fortunate to ever walk. I was told to give up sports and exercise. Shortly after I left the hospital in a wheelchair, I discovered yoga and through the process of doing simple breathing techniques with easy postures my body began to respond in an unusual way. 25 years later my life continues to improve. About 10 years ago when I started to teach yoga I found that I wasn't the only who didn't know how to breathe. As I look back most of my teachers as well as most of my students, do not know how to breathe properly.

    I still appreciate what I learned from you in the PowerBreathing workshop I took about two years ago. You taught me how to breathe more deeply than ever. I use your powerfully simple techniques every night, and I am always asleep within five deep breaths! Thank you!

    - Carolyn

    How can breathing help people reduce stress?

    I can help people to remove energy blocks that create physical limitations in their bodies.

    I have worked with athletes as well as invalids to develop this technique based on Pranayama or breathing exercises. This method is an unusual technique based on four-part breathing and I believe it can be taught to anyone in practically any condition. As I began to perfect this technique, I have been able to teach it to others to allow them to experience a higher quality life in their relationships and to feel better and to improve their strength, flexibility and endurance. This technique can work in a corporate environment in stressful and painful situations. On the job it can help you be more in balance, to be more effective with more energy throughout the day. Especially in handling employees and workload to serve your customers better. It can help us throughout the day whether we are on the job or at home dealing with family and friends in difficult situations, such as getting everyone out of the house on time in the morning off to work and school for parents and children. On the way to and from work dealing with road rage and then at home enhancing the family time together, overall being more in balance.

    How often is it necessary to practice PowerBreathing by Yonah in order to see results?

    My philosophy is based on small change and common sense and I believe that if people take five minutes a day to practice something that is easy and beneficial, they will sustain and accumulate the benefits on a daily basis. And sometimes experience a quantum leap, but that is not necessary. It is important to see the value of small steps and practice daily three times a day, mid-morning, mid-afternoon and mid-evening. Stopping wherever you are and taking six slow deep breaths through your nostrils with your mouth closed. It works especially well when you are under time pressure and also stuck in traffic to keep you calm and centered. I guarantee people who practice daily for 40 days will find that it transforms their daily lives. Achieving these results on a daily basis with small change and common sense. I also have a video and audios that teach and support learning the breathing through a system called gentle yoga. I hold PowerBreathing by Yonah™ workshops, classes and private sessions to help people who want to learn PowerBreathing and in dealing with physical and emotional, as well as spiritual challenges.


    PowerBreathing by Yonah
    Yonah Offner - The Center for Health Inhancement

    #37 Moshav Hodaya
    Hof Ashkelon, Israel

    052 309-8891 cell Israel
    011 972 52 309-8891 From USA
    Skype: YogiYonah
    e-mail yonah@powerbreathing.com
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